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Paying homage to the greatest newsmakers, leaders and legends, The Indus Club has been carefully designed to be contemporary, yet elegant and timeless. The architect with a vision, Zubin Master, Principal Founder of Design Matrix envisioned The Indus Club as the quintessential third space in a member’s life; a home away from home and office away from office. To continuously inspire, every detail of the club has been handpicked to evoke an emotion and stand for something deeper and soulful. A prime example is the passageway which greets members with the wall of fame as they enter. Maybe, it acts as a reminder to our members of the exclusivity of the club and league of extraordinariness they belong to. It’s this unique design philosophy which defines every aspect of the club from the bespoke room décor to functional elements like lighting.

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The art at The Indus Club is an expression of our member’s deepest values and comprises a unique blend of the meaningful, dramatic and the original. Each artwork has been individually sourced, curated and in some special cases commissioned by the team, providing an ideal environment that is both aesthetically striking yet surprisingly comfortable and personal.

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Integrating technology from leading brands, we ensure only the best and latest in international technology is used to create that bespoke and elevated experience. From enabling members to customize and personalize their experiences to providing seamless access and authorization, everything is made available virtually at the touch of a finger.


The finest in automation globally, a single click can transform your chosen space as per your taste.


For that personalised music experience anywhere within the club premises.


Carefully curated to bring alive the movie experience.


Uses state-of-the-art technology to enable golfers to maximise their performance.