The Indus Club
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The destination for all your business needs.

Be it a quick power lunch with your investment banker or be it an all-out, all-frills business conference; be it a confidential meeting with a potential associate or be it a private jet booking, The Indus Club can attend to every requirement of your business universe.

One of a kind events, including talks, film premieres and festivals, live music performances.

Immerse yourself into the best cultural experiences at The Indus Club. With special film premieres and themed festivals that showcase the very best of cinema. As well as the many intimate live concerts and performances by renowned music artists. You will also have the privilege of attending inspirational talks by industry leaders and opinion makers from the worlds of business, media, technology, sports and entertainment.

Culinary experiences that encompass and celebrate global cuisines.

Our team of expert chefs headed by Celebrity Chef Ajay Chopra make every meal an unforgettable experience. Take your palate on a culinary journey around the world, with exotic and local flavours, modern and classic delicacies, that make The Indus Club a much-desired destination for the finest food and wine.

Being the perfect host is just one call away.

Your Relationship Manager is trained to expertly organise the most tasteful of occasions for you, be it a business cocktail soiree, a movie screening for friends or an impromptu celebration for the team. One phone call and you have the ability to play host to a most memorable experience. Only The Indus Club offers this most exclusive of services.

VIP access to many of the world's greatest sporting events.

Your membership can deliver for you the most exclusive and up-close experiences of some of the biggest and most exciting sporting championships on the planet. Experience the sheer glamour and privilege as you take your place ring-side, court-side or track-side, as the case may be.

Reciprocal memberships with some of the best private members' clubs worldwide.

Your Indus Club membership is your passport to the best private members’ clubs in the world. So whether you are in Hong Kong or Singapore, Dubai or London, you can make yourself at home at the most renowned private members’ club in town.